can't let go

Agency: Myriad Media
Production Company: Summit Collective
Directors: Kent Willard + Scott Gaston
Director of Photography: Kyle Messina
Assistant Director: Brett Abramsky
Grip/Gaffer: Gray McClamrock
Production Assistant: Sam Kim
Editor: Kent Willard
Colorist: Kyle Messina

king mez - "Can't Let Go"

Music video for King Mez's track, "Can't Let Go" off his album LLTK.

Long takes have always caught our eye. Fortunately in music videos, they are possible to be used more often. In "Can't Let Go", we instantly decided it would be a great fit for a long one take video. In order to map out a long take, we used several different methods to breakdown each person's role and direction so that everyone understood what it entailed. One method used an overlay based on the location seen from google maps. We then used our pre-school art skills to carefully draw out specific interest points throughout the shot. Unfortunately, to make the scene even harder, this was all planned out prior to knowing how the block party was going to play out. 

After weeks in pre-production, we finally set out to shoot the long, choreographed shot. But due to an annual block party held at the location, we were forced to change our plans on the spot. Through a series of changes made involving access to the location, our one take idea was quickly forgotten. Instead, we changed the script to allow Mez to leave the location and later arrive at a house party. Though this was not in the original plan, we are happy with the direction the project went. 

After releasing "Can't Let Go", the story's indirect sequel, "Morris" was formed.